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Use your phone to scan the QR code on the pod, or go to spacerepublic.app in your browser.


Choose the pod you’d like to use, when you’d like to use it, and how long you’ll need it for.


The pod will unlock when you tell it you’re nearby, and you’re all set to have your own quite time.

Everybody needs a space to call their own from time to time. Perhaps to work, perhaps to make a call. Perhaps simply to escape an increasingly noisy and chaotic world! It doesn’t matter to us, we just want you to have comfortable, private space. The SR2 provides that.

Out and about and in a hurry? Chances are your laptop or mobile are running low on battery and if you’re having a tough day, probably both! Luckily all SR2s are equipped with dedicated power sockets to quickly get you back up and running while you take a breather.

Each SR2 has its own reliable Wi-Fi and you’ll be the only one using it. When entering the pod the network and password will be displayed on the screen to your right so you don’t have anything extra to remember when booking.

If you’ve ever worked in an office with more than two people you’ll know how hard it is to agree on the ideal temperature. In the SR2 you alone make that decision. Just flip the marked switch near the door for either a blast of cool air, or to warm up.